Location: San Diego, CA 92121
Position type: Full time
Job Code: KB-BIO
Required education: Ph.D. Degree
Area(s) of expertise desired: immuno-oncology

KQ Biosciences is committed to the discovery and development of innovative drugs to transform cancer treatments. KQ brings together an accomplished management team and distinguished scientific founder to translate innovative research to novel therapeutics.  Our team has a proven track record of drug discovery and development, having played pivotal roles in the discovery of multiple clinical-stage compounds as well as approved drug for the treatment of cancer and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

We are seeking a highly motivated, creative PhD-level scientist to our experienced drug discovery and development team evaluating novel therapies in the cancer immunotherapy field with a background in immuno-oncology (IO), T cell biology, innate immunity, and immune checkpoint biology.  This candidate will report to the Director, Biology/Translational Sciences and work closely with members within biology and chemistry team to drive discovery research programs into clinical development while providing scientific and technical expertise.  The candidate will study the impact of the tumor immune microenvironment, tumor-specific antigens, T cell and antigen presenting cell function using a variety of molecular, cellular, proteomic, genetic/bioinformatic, and preclinical in vitro and in vivo mouse and human model systems.   The candidate will have the opportunity to drive multiple programs within the company’s pipeline.

Role responsibilities
Supervise research associates and/or scientists

Discover and develop new therapeutic modalities for cancer immunotherapy

Design and perform studies to evaluate immune function of antigen-specific T cells, innate immune cells, in preclinical models of cancer that explore mechanisms of action, pharmacodynamics, biomarker discovery.

Collaborate with project team leaders, medicinal chemists, proteomic mass spectrometry group, and pharmacology group to advance the most promising drug candidates into clinical trials.

Present at group and company program meetings

Contribute to a fast-paced, dynamic, data-driven scientific culture that embraces innovation and excellence.

Basic qualifications
Ph.D. with 5+ years of experience (immunology related work)

Demonstrated expertise in the field of immunology, tumor biology and/or genetics

Technical knowledge and hands-on experience with conventional in vitro and in vivo immunological techniques

Broad experience in T cell biology, TCR/MHC techniques, effector/memory development

Expertise in flow cytometry, PCR, immune cell culture, tumor immune infiltrate isolation, cytotoxic assays.

Working knowledge of various murine tumor and/or infectious disease models, including humanized mouse immune models

Ability to independently design, plan, execute, interpret, and summarize experiments

Ability to organize and communicate complex data sets in a clear and concise manner to key stakeholders from diverse scientific backgrounds.

Excellent organization, good verbal and written communication, strong motivation, and a dedicated work ethic.

Preferred qualifications
Ability to actively contribute scientifically to drug discovery research programs, including identification and validation of novel targets.

In-depth understanding of T cell subsets, surface markers, function, and techniques

In-depth understanding of tumor microenvironment, inhibitory and co-stimulatory immune-related molecules and associated signal transduction pathways

Experience in lentiviral transduction, CRISPR technology, and advanced siRNA techniques.

Experience with both mouse and human PBMC cell culture and adoptive cell transfer techniques

Experience with tumor associated neoantigen discovery/characterization, MHC-I & MHC-II epitopes, antigen presentation, and antigen-specific T cell responses

KQ Biosciences offers an attractive salary and benefits package, including equity incentives.  To apply, please submit your resume to careers@kumquatbio.com